About Mega Bingo

One of the highly rated bingo sites is the Mega. This site is run by the experts of one of the popular gaming companies in the U.K. at Cassava. It is overseen by the Gambling Commission of Great Britain. The new players to this site will find a lot about Mega bingo.

New Player Bonuses

These bonuses follow a similar normal pattern as like many other Cassava bingo sites that exist out there. For instance, the players are entitled to a 200% bonus on their first deposit. They will receive this on and they will make to deposit with the highest monetary bonus that goes to around £20.

For those who will need an additional bonus, they will need to make deposition of an amount higher than £150 on their second deposition and they should enter the promo code NEW1. For this, they will receive an additional 150% bonus. The third deposition will attract a 100% bonus by entering NEW2 as the promo code.

Mega Bingo Promotions

Mega site like any other site has a couple of promotions that are designed to allow its players to make big wins. For instance, there is usually £1200 that is provided out on regular basis with jackpots of up to £100 with the use of 5 and 10p cards with the thrill seeker rooms.

In addition to this, it has the 5K Big Dipper. This is actually a fast-paced game that will give players large pay amounts considering how quickly you can bingo. This only happens once, every Sunday at exactly 9 pm.

Mega Bingo Games

There are so many games you can choose to play here. Normally, there exist regular bingo games that are three in number, five line bingo that has 75 balls and there is usually no pattern is required to be completed, 75 ball bingo, and 90 ball bingo

In addition to this, there also exist free bingo games that players should take advantage of them. These free games normally remain open throughout and are usually there for any person regardless of the amounts of money you may have in your account. There are also the VIP games, and these are normally played by staking highly.

Bingo has got jackpots also. These jackpots include the guaranteed ones. So any player should always get to know what they are running for. Progressive jackpots also are provided here. They normally keep growing to infinity till a time reach a winner is found.

Mega Bingo Banking

Deposition and withdrawal process is straightforward and simple at this site. All you need to know is that if for instance a certain method is applied to make a payment and you find that the withdrawal amount is lesser than what you would have deposited, this same process will be followed to make returns of the same. But then if the amount is more than what was deposited, then you will choose the best method to make the return.

Also, keep in mind that all withdrawals are processed in a period of two days or less and the whole process can be finished in a period of 7 days. This greatly depends upon the method that you would have used.